Product Naming: The Worst Technology Names Ever?

Mincing no words, PC Magazine has selected The Worst Technology Names … Ever. In the Worst Product Names category, the winners (or losers, if you prefer) are:

  • DigiScent iSmell
  • Ogio Shling
  • Burning Love Pouch
  • Verizon G’zOne
  • Pentax *ist Series
  • Nintendo Wii
  • iMuffs Bluetooth headphones
  • Samsung Yepp MP3 player
  • Tivoli Audio iYiYiYi stereo system for the iPod
  • Zizzle iZ
  • Nabaztag (special mention)
  • Shuganano (special mention)

In the Worst Application Names category, their picks are:

  • Crush or Flush
  • Pikipimp
  • GIMP
  • eefoof
  • GigaTribe
  • Zamzar
  • Grazr
  • Reaktor 5 (et al.)
  • Joost
  • Gubb

Of course it’s a lot easier to mock a bad name (PC Magazine?) than to create a great one, but you do have to wonder what in the world they were thinking in most of these cases.

In the interest of fair play, here’s my quick defense of a few of these:

Although I suspect I’d have taken a different creative tack, strategically speaking the Wii name has done a good job of positioning Nintendo’s platform as the fun, “let’s just play” alternative to the more hardcore PlayStation and Xbox systems.

Joost is at least a better name than Skype!

iYiYi is clearly a play on the iPod brand and the Spanish interjection “ay, ay, ay” — something the PC Magazine editors missed altogether.

There’s nothing wrong with the Reaktor name; it’s a fine name.  Native Instruments, the creator of Reaktor 5, is a German company; reaktor is the German equivalent of reactor. Do your homework, PC Magazine!