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If you become our client, we promise to provide you with state-of-the-art brand expression and naming services, on time and on budget. To deliver on that promise we invest in talent and technologies, not offices and extras.

Fixed Fee Proposals

Once we understand the goals of your project, we’ll provide you with a straightforward fixed-fee proposal, including the option to select additional services, if appropriate. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting and what it will cost.

One Month Strategic and Creative Brand Naming Projects

A typical brand naming project takes four weeks, for which our standard fee is USD $5,000 per week. This usually includes one week of discovery and strategy, one week of creative exploration (with feedback), one week of creative development (with feedback), and one week of evaluation and selection. We may budget for additional weeks if we are naming your new company, if you are targeting more than one market, if your decision-making process is unusually complex, etc.

One Week Creative Only Brand Naming Projects

If your brand strategy is clear and you simply need a fresh creative perspective, we can provide you with an extensive set of creative options for a flat fee of USD $5000 per round.

One Day Brand Naming Workshops

If you’d like to bring your branding team together for an intensive brand naming session, we can lead a workshop for a fee of USD $1500 per day (including a prep day and, if appropriate, one or two travel days).

Quarterly Retainers

If you have a short-term need for the development of new names, nomenclature, descriptors, brand copy, etc., we may suggest a quarterly retainer arrangement. Our retainer fee is fully negotiable based upon your specific requirements, but USD $30,000 per quarter is typical.

Annual Retainers

If you have a long-term need for the development of new names, nomenclature, descriptors, brand copy, etc., we may suggest an annual retainer arrangement. Our retainer fee is fully negotiable based upon your specific requirements, but USD $90,000 per year is typical.

Rush Projects

Naming in a hurry is less than ideal, but we can double, triple or quadruple the resources we devote to your project, for a commensurate fee.


We don’t discount our services except for non-profit engagements, simultaneous naming projects, and naming agency of record agreements. We believe in being paid what we’re worth — no more and no less. We do consider equity or payment-in-kind arrangements.


Although naming is our bread and butter, we’re equally adept and experienced at every aspect of brand expression. We offer all of our services à la carte at our standard rate of USD $5,000 per week.


We’ll bill you for any project-related expenses we incur at actual cost. We’ll include a good faith estimate of our expected expenses (travel, respondent recruitment, etc.) on our first invoice and make any appropriate adjustments (up or down) on our final invoice.


The Way We Work

This sample project plan will give you a good sense of how we do what we do, but it’s important to note our methodology is a tool, not an ideology. We feel free to tailor our approach to suit your particular needs.


  • Get to know one another
  • Discuss your project’s purpose and context
  • Define it’s timeline and key mileposts
  • Review any relevant background material
  • Profile your internal target audiences


  • Explore your offering
  • Explore the category
  • Define your brand architecture
  • Define your marketing strategy
  • Define your sales strategy
  • Define your communications strategy
  • Define your positioning
  • Define your ideal category name
  • Define your ideal social (viral) brand strategy
  • Define your ideal belief (cultural) brand strategy


  • Develop a set of short-term tactics and long-term strategies


  • Present the results of our work in a report and/or a closed or open forum, as desired.


  • Remain available to discuss any future internal or external developments which affect your brand including new markets, cultural shifts, acquisitions, etc.


A beautiful journey.
Brand line for Asiana Airlines.
Chamber music. It’s not what you think. It’s what you feel. This fall, join the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center and hear the finest, most exquisite chamber music our world has to offer.
Brand language for the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center
Saving the last great places on earth.
Brand line for The Nature Conservancy.
Enjoy the state-of-the-art InFlex chair with our patent-pending flex back disc system. European styling. Body-perfect ergonomics.
Brand language for Exemplis.
Míyaxwe, míyaxwe, néqam. Nésun ‘áchama pish ’empíshive. ’emenmámaywivichuqa. ‘áchama pish pichemtéyanpi yéwi chemnémiwenive.
Authentic Native American dialogue for the ABC television series Scoundrels.
Your hear well, breathe well, sleep well specialists.
Brand line for Florida Gulf Coast Ear, Nose & Throat
Your worst enemy is now your best friend.
Slogan for Crash of the Titans
We make business a pleasure.
Slogan for Marriott
It’s our nature.
Brand line for Zoe
The first Industrial Engineering department in the world.
Brand line for Penn State’s Harold and Inge Marcus Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Witness the moments when photography became art.
Head line for TruthBeauty, an exhibition at The Phillips Collection

Naming Contest: Buddy The Badger

Frontier Airlines recently held a naming contest to celebrate its merger with Midwest:

The badger was added to Frontier’s family of animals featured on the tails of the airline’s jets after Frontier merged with Wisconsin-based Midwest Airlines under the Frontier name.

Wisconsin residents were asked to name the badger and, on May 28, Frontier announced three finalists: Bella, Buddy and Cookie. Then, Wisconsin residents were given until July 4 to vote for their favorite.

The final winner? Buddy.

ABC Denver

Company Naming: 16 Abbreviated Company Names Explained

My favorites:

If you go looking for Mr. P.F. Chang, you’ll be in for a long search. The Asian dining chain’s name is actually a composite of the founding restaurateur Paul Fleming’s initials and a simplification of founding chef Philip Chiang’s last name.

The Swedish furniture giant and noted charity takes its name from found Ingvar Kamprad’s initials conjoined with a the first initial of the farm where Kamprad grew up, Elmtaryd, and the parish he calls home, Agunnaryd.

Mental Floss

Our Names In The News: Streamline Named Unified Communications Product Of The Year

Communicado, Inc., formerly known as SyncVoice Communications, a leading provider of management software for converged communications, announced today that Technology Marketing Corporation’s Unified Communications Magazine named Communicado Streamline Management as a Service Platform as a Product of the Year.

“This award from Unified Communications Magazine further validates the growing market demand for a solution to the IT challenge of making sure live communications reach the right decision maker without delay,” said Kerry Shih, Communicado Founder and Chief Strategist. “Busy IT teams are looking to their trusted local provider to manage their IP PBX, converged communications network infrastructure and unified communications software for them. With one predictable monthly payment, businesses can rely on a managed service provider using Streamline to handle their successful transition to an ongoing state of improved communications.”

“Communicado has proven they are committed to quality and excellence while addressing real needs in the marketplace. Unified Communications is pleased to grant Communicado a 2007 Product of the Year Award for their Streamline platform,” said Rich Tehrani, TMC President and Editor-in-Chief of Unified Communications Magazine. “We’re proud to honor their hard work and accomplishments and look forward to more innovative solutions from Communicado in the future.”

A full list of Product of the Year winners is currently published in the March, 2008 issue of Unified Communications Magazine.

About Communicado

Communicado (formerly known as SyncVoice Communications) is the leading provider of solutions for managing converged voice/data communications networks that carry real-time person-to-person business communications. The VXTracker software product line and Communicado’s field-tested Streamline Management as a Service Platform are used by more than 400 advanced technology adopters including Allergan, St. Joseph Health System, Tenet Healthcare and the Discovery Channel, to reduce business risk and lower operating costs, combining technical tools with business analytics. Communicado is headquartered in Costa Mesa, California USA and has sales offices throughout North America.